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Category: PRIVATE
Category: PRIVATE
Starting point: Aktau city
Starting point: Aktau city
Duration: 3 days/2 nights
Duration: 3 days/2 nights
Season: all year round except winter
Tourist season: all year round except winter
Weekdays: any day
Weekdays: any day
Price: $285 per day
Price: $285 per day


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Western Kazakhstan is quickly becoming known all over the world for its unique unearthly landscapes, incredible historical monuments of the Middle Ages and amazing mysteries of nature. During this tour, you will visit the following places:

 Tuzbair salt-marsh

Tuzbair - the majestic creation of nature. In this place, the chink of the Ustyurt Plateau abruptly ends with a cascade of clay-limestone and chalk stages, at the base of which lies an extensive salt marsh, called "sor" by the locals. The plummets of the chalk cliffs are carved with numerous scour and deep channels, forming endless rows of the most bizarre columns. At the very base of the chink, there is a huge natural semi-arch created by wind erosion. During periods of snowmelt and heavy rain, the lowland is filled with water, forming a huge salt mirror in which the sky and chalk colonnades are reflected.

This is a place of indescribable beauty that combines 3 colors: white - the salt, limestone; blue - the sky; yellow-brown - the color of the soil, emphasizing white of the salt.



Beket Ata underground mosque

Mangystau region is very rich in historical monuments, one of the most prominent of which is the underground mosque Beket Ata - the most revered saint in Western Kazakhstan.

Two centuries have passed since this legendary man settled in the lap of virgin nature, led educational activities, was engaged in healing, possessing supernatural abilities. But the memory of him is alive to this day and with time becomes even stronger in the minds of his descendants. Therefore, thousands of pilgrims strive to where the air itself is imbued with mystery and holiness, where the sacred spirit rules over worldly bustle.



Boszhyra tract

Boszhyra is a picturesque place of the Ustyurt plateau, decorated with the chalk mountains of residual outcrop origin. It is amazing with its unearthly landscapes and numerous boulders which come different shapes and sizes. These are dazzling white rock pillars whose limestone peaks reach for the sky, resembling the shape of fangs. Surrounded by dazzling white fantastic landscapes, somewhat similar to the landscapes of Monument Valley in the USA, you can fully experience the greatness of nature.



Karynzharyk valley

The picturesque valley Karynzharyk divides the Ustyurt Plateau and the Mangyshlak Peninsula. The depth of the valley is 75 meters below sea level, and the height of chinks can reach 300 meters. At the bottom of the Karynzharyk depression, there is a legendary Kenderli sor.

Sor is a salt-marsh, which in hot weather turns into a cracked salt slab, and during rains, it prevents water from entering the ground and collects mirror pools on its surface. On such days, the slopes of Karynzharyk are reflected throughout the Kenderli valley. Their curving contours intertwine with the lines of dawn-lit clouds and honeycombs, cells filled with water, and then the valley fills with a soft, almost mystical glow.

Almost the entire territory of the valley belongs to the Ustyurt reserve - the habitat of the Ustyurt argali or mouflon. Broken by hooves, the bottom of the salt marsh long keeps traces of the presence of their herd.





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Price: 285 USD per day for a group of 1-3 tourists


Price includes:

✔️ Hotel pick-up/drop-off

✔️ Comfortable SUV

✔️ Experienced driver-guide

✔️ Meals, water

✔️ Night accommodation in tents

✔️ Entrance fees and all taxes

❌ Soft/hard drinks

❌ ENG-speaking translator (by request)






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