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Category: PRIVATE
Category: PRIVATE
600 km from Almaty and back
600 km from Almaty and back
Duration: 2 days/1 night
Duration: 2 days/1 night
Season: all year round except July
Tourist season: all year round except July
Weekdays: any day
Weekdays: any day
Price: from $150 per person
Price: from $150 per person


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Many tourists and even locals do not know that in addition to the Valley of Castles (Charyn Canyon), this area also has no less picturesque canyons, each of which has its own zest. The names of these 4 canyons: Uzynbulak (Yellow, Moon), Bestamak (Small), Temirlik, Black. In order to fully enjoy the beauty of this area, we have developed this 2-day tour. If you like unexplored destinations and unpopular places where you will not meet other tourists and perhaps you will be alone in the whole area, then this tour is for you. 

The most known and popular place is the “Valley of Castles”, one of the side canyons of Charyn river. This is completed the ensemble of “palaces”, “towers” and ”minarets” formed by Pliocene deposits of red color, due to which this place is also called the Red Canyon. The canyon has a length of about 2.5 kilometers and a depth of 150 meters.

Uzynbulak (Moon) Valley is less known and therefore less visited than the Valley of the Castles, but it is the same natural masterpiece. The slopes of the canyon are composed of yellow sediment, that's why it is also called Yellow canyon. Wind and water erosion created amazing architectural forms from sedimentary rocks of yellow color, resembling yurts set n a row.
In the canyon, the remains of a primitive man and stone tools were found, also fossils of the Jurassic period are found in exposed rocks.

Small Canyon is a dry channel Bestamak, on the right bank of the Charyn River. The small canyon is called not only for its not very large size and length. The canyon includes all varieties of rocks and architectural forms and images that are inherent in the Charyn canyon. This is the Charyn Canyon in miniature. The main distinguishing feature of the sculptural forms of the Small Canyon is the abundance of various towers and sculptures resembling sculptures of Easter Island.

Black Canyon is the deepest among others and is formed directly by the Charyn River, which for millions of years has carved such a deep canyon in the ground. The name comes from the color of the rocks on the walls of the canyon. If you go to the edge of the cliff and look down, you will definitely feel your head spin.

Temirlik Canyon takes its name from the river of the same name, which has existed in this area for millions of years and flows into the Charyn River. A distinctive feature of this canyon is that the walls of the canyon have different color layers - red, yellow, purple.




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Hotel pick-up/drop-off

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Entrance fees to National Park

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Super comfortable and spacious SUV Toyota Sequoia with entertainment Audio-Video/Karaoke system


Comfortable SUV Toyota


ENG-speaking driver acting as a guide

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Hot tea/coffee


Lunch in a cafe inside the Charyn Canyon (during the warm season only)

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Hotel/guesthouse meals & accommodation in a private room with shared shower/WC

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Available EXTRAS

Photographing on DSLR camera during the tour


ENG/FRA-speaking individual guide


Hiking at Moon valley with provided trekking equipment (medium level)








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