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Category: PRIVATE
Category: PRIVATE
900 km from Almaty and back
Route length: 900 km from Almaty and back
Duration: 3 days/2 nights
Duration: 3 days/2 nights
Season: all year round except mid-July
Best time to travel: all year round except mid-July
Days of the week: any day
Days of the week: any day


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This tour is designed for travelers who want to explore Altyn Emel National Nature Park in full and enjoy all its sights. Within three days you will visit the famous and popular nature sights of Altyn Emel and also you will touch the ancient history of people who inhabited this territory more than 2000 years ago.

You will head to one of the largest National Parks of Kazakhstan, with an area of 3076 called Altyn Emel, which means the Golden Saddle. The territory of the park includes mountain, sand-desert, gravel-clay-desert landscape complexes. In 2017, the Altyn-Emel National Park was awarded the international status of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve as a model of a green, socially oriented economy of the region.

Petroglyphs of Tanbalytas. The most interesting ancient monuments in the park include petroglyphs in the Terektty gorge. Here, various animals are depicted on the rocks, as well as people and hunters, painted on stones in different styles.

Mounds Besshatyr. The necropolis is the tomb of the eastern Scythians or Tigrahaud Saks, who lived in this territory in the 7th-6th centuries BC. More than 31 barrows were found in this area, stretching from north to south for 2 km and from west to east for 1 km. Among them is the largest, the so-called Royal Mound, whose height is 17m, diameter - 104 m.

On the 2nd day of the tour, you will visit one of the most interesting and spectacular sites in the National Park - the Geological Museum under the sky, lime mountains of Aktau. In Kazakh, this means the White Mountains. Mountains seem white only from afar. On the slopes of the mountains, you can find multi-colored clay rocks of red, white, yellow, filled with crystals of calcite and selenite. When you are there everything around seems absolutely surreal.

On the 3rd day after 50 km of off-road of the National Park, you will find yourself at the Singing Dune. The Singing Dune - a sandy mountain 3 km long and 150 m high. The phenomenon of nature, famous for the fact that in dry weather the sands of the dune emit a sound from a faint squeak to organ melody and even a roar. An enormous sandy mountain grew here as a result of blowing sand from the shores of Ili river. The Singing Dune does not move across the plain, despite the fluctuation of sand and strong winds, but has remained in place for several millennia. During the tour, you will hear interesting legends that are enveloped in the mysterious Singing Dune. And from its top, you will see an amazing panorama of the picturesque Ili river valley and surrounding Kalkan rocky mountains.



• Not recommended for travelers with serious medical conditions, high/low blood pressure;
• Not recommended for pregnant women;
• Not recommended for travelers with a fear of heights and who can not withstand long trips by car/long walks/hikes;
• Travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level.


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Entrance fees to National Park


Modern & comfortable 4x4 SUV


ENG-speaking driver-guide


Water 1.5L per day


Meals: Breakfast x 2, Lunch x 3, Dinner x 2


Hotel/guesthouse accommodation in a private room with shower/WC





$600 for car

Available EXTRAS

Accommodation in a private single room (for solo travelers only)


Super comfortable & spacious (8-seat) Toyota Sequoia 5.7 SUV equipped with entertainment Audio/Video/Karaoke system


* Example of calculating the full cost of a tour: if you are two people, then 2 · 90 + 600 = 780 USD





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