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1400 km from Almaty and back
Route length: 1400 km from Almaty and back
Duration: 5 days/4 nights
Duration: 5 days/4 nights
Season: November - April
Best time to travel: November - April
Days of week: any day
Days of the week: any day









This 5-day tour around Almaty region is the best way to enjoy the most stunning natural sites of Almaty region during the cold season, having the opportunity to relax in the recreation area and bath in the healthy radon hot springs.

On the 1st day of the tour you will head to the nearest and at the same time hard-to-reach natural attraction of Almaty - Big Almaty Lake. The turquoise surface of the Big Almaty Lake shines among the majestic Trans-Ili Alatau mountains at an altitude of 2500 m above the sea level. As a result of the earthquake, the mountains formed a gorgeous lake, the beauty of which will forever remain in your heart and which has long been one of the symbols of Almaty. After visiting Big Almaty Lake you will have comfortable night accommodation in a 3-bed cozy modular house with a terrace located in the picturesque mountain gorge.

On the 2nd day of the tour we will go to one of the largest National Parks of Kazakhstan, called Altyn Emel. We will visit one of the most interesting and spectacular sites in the National Park - the Geological Museum under the sky, lime mountains of Aktau. In Kazakh, this means the White Mountains. Mountains seem white only from afar. On the slopes of the mountains, we can find multi-colored clay rocks of red, white, yellow, filled with crystals of calcite and selenite. When you are there everything around seems surreal.

On the 3rd day of the tour, after 50 km of gravel road, you will find yourself at the Singing Dune - the phenomenon of nature, famous for the fact that in dry weather the sand of the dune emits a sound from a faint squeak to organ melody.

Next, we will leave the National Park and go to hot springs - radon underground waters, where we will enjoy healthy water and rest after a long journey.

On the 4th day, we will go to the most known and popular place of Almaty region - Charyn Canyon “Valley of the Castles”. This is completed the ensemble of “palaces”, “towers” and ”minarets” formed by Pliocene deposits of red color. The canyon has a length of about 1.5 kilometers and a depth of 150 meters.

After the "Valley of the Castles" we will move towards the next canyon - Yellow Canyon, which is less known and therefore less visited than the Valley of the Castles, but it is the same natural masterpiece.

In the evening, we will stay in Saty village, where we will have a delicious dinner of Kazakh national cuisine cooked by hospitable villagers.

We wake up and have a hearty breakfast on the morning of the 5th day, and go to the picturesque Lower Kolsai lake - the most accessible one. Then we will move to Kaindy Lake famous for tree trunks sticking out of the water's surface. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the unbelievable beauty of this place.

Those who visit these places at least once will never forget their magnificence, peace and energetics.



• Not recommended for travelers with serious medical conditions, high/low blood pressure;
• Not recommended for pregnant women;
• Not recommended for travelers with a fear of heights and who can not withstand long trips by car/long walks/hikes;
• Travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level.


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[Visits to any of the tour sights can be canceled and their order can be changed in case of adverse weather conditions and other circumstances beyond our control.]










✔️ Pick-up/drop-off

✔️ National parks entrance fees

✔️ Comfortable 4x4 SUV

✔️ ENG-speaking (beginner/elementary level) guide/driver

✔️ Water 1L/day per person

✔️ Breakfast x 3, Lunch x 5, Dinner x 3

❌ Dinner on the 1st day, breakfast on the 2nd day are not included and available from the cafe's menu

✔️ Accommodations:

1st night - safari tent in the mountain gorge

2nd night - guesthouse in Basshy village

3rd night - standart room in hot springs resort

4th night - guesthouse in Saty village

Number of people





Price per person













✔️ Pick-up/drop-off

✔️ National parks entrance fees

✔️ Toyota 4Runner 2019 or the same class/age SUV

✔️ ENG-speaking (intermediate level and above) guide/driver

✔️ Accompanied (with guiding) at tourist sites

✔️ Water 1L/day per person

✔️ Breakfast x 3, Lunch x 5, Dinner x 2

❌ Dinner/breakfast on the 1st night and dinner on the 4th day is not included and available from the hotel's menu

✔️ Accommodations:

1st night - modular house in the mountain gorge

2nd night - room with WC/shower in mini-hotel

3rd night - Junior Suite in hot springs resort

4th night - hotel on Kolsai Lake

✔️ Toiletries

Number of people





Price per person














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